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Technology-driven financial solutions that expedite financial processes, improve the user experience, and provide services such as online payments, digital banking, peer-to-peer financing, robo-advisory, and blockchain-based transactions

AI & Data

Utilising artificial intelligence and data analytics to gain insights, automate roles, and make decisions based on data. Included are algorithms for predictive analytics, recommendation systems, natural language processing, and machine learning


Comprehensive software solutions that involve multiple business functions, such as finance, inventory management, human resources, and customer relationship management, will enhance operational efficiency and streamline processes


encompass films, television programmes, music, literature, video games, live performances, streaming platforms, and social media platforms, which provide audiences with entertainment and information


 Diverse range of goods and services designed to promote and maintain health, diagnose and treat medical conditions, including medications, medical devices, diagnostic tools, telemedicine, and wellness services


Decentralised digital platforms that document and validate transactions securely. They facilitate transparent and tamper-resistant systems for cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, supply chain management, and other applications, thereby nurturing trust and enhancing efficiency

Climate Change

mitigating and adapting to climate change’s effects. To combat global warming and its consequences, these include renewable energy technologies, sustainable agriculture practises, carbon offset initiatives, and and climate resilience measures


A wide range of offerings that appeal to the requirements and desires of travellers, including accommodations, transportation, attractions, activities, tours, and services that enhance the travel experience as a whole


Range from properties, developments, and services associated with purchasing, selling, renting, and investing in real estate. These include residential and commercial properties, real estate agents, property management services, and opportunities for real estate investment

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